A Safe Place for Women

A Safe Place for Women by Kelly White

    A Safe Place for Women tells a harrowing, but ultimately hopeful, story of one woman's ordeal with an abusive husband and how she gained the strength to leave him and thrive in a new life with her children. Noted women's advocate Kelly White unsparingly revisits the dark periods of her husband's irrational, violent moods. Her narrative makes clear why women often stay in such situations — and also how to end them.

    Kelly White writes the kind of success story that originates from an all-too-common scenario that is too often seen as “as someone else’s problem.” Statistics, however, say otherwise. From her near-death at the hands of her husband, to her realization that she had nothing, to her rise from an occupant of a battered women’s shelter on up to her being named the executive director of the Chicago Foundation for Women, White writes a story that can guide and inspire all women and men to be aware of the signs of abuse. She reminds everyone that their lives can be everything they had always hoped they could be.

    After each section of personal narrative, White discusses strategies, legal options, and supportive organizations to help abuse victims overcome the many problems that accompany abuse. Also included are compelling stories of other survivors of domestic violence and a comprehensive list of helpful resources. 

    With a  cover endorsement by Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of former US President Lyndon Johnson, A Safe Place for Women inspires and teaches readers not only what they must do to forever escape the cycle of abuse, but what they can do after they escape to begin life anew and thrive.

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